Climate Transformed Ventures (CTV) is a methane infrastructure and origination platform company that leverages government funding and private capital to cap orphaned oil wells across the United States and Canada.

An orphaned oil well has no solvent owner of record, leaving the responsibility of capping in the hands of state and federal governments.

The EPA estimates that there are up to 3.7 million orphaned wells in North America, with the estimated cost to cap them ranging from $200bn- $300bn.

There is only $4.7bn allocated by the US Federal Government under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

This is the first phase of a multi-decade solution that will require the extensive deployment of private capital

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Sep 13, 2022

Tactical Trading and Price Discovery

We will address the trade-off between greater liquidity and price distortion that speculation provides. Deep liquid markets are desirable, but doesn’t that distract from the goals of VCMs? Should VCMs be a trading vehicle for hedge funds, and how is that possibly mission-driven?
Guest(s): Chris Kennedy, Co-Founder of Fortinbras; Juliette Vidal, Portfolio Manager at SCB Group; Julien Hall Director of Price and Data Products at Climate Impact X; Yuhau Lin, Vice President at Morgan Stanley
Moderator: Kerry Constabile, Global Head of Net Zero Strategy at Standard Chartered

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