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Should we embrace a temporary solution as part of a sequestration strategy? We discuss whether cheaper solutions that do not offer permanent carbon storage should be fast-tracked to “kick the can down the road.”
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This session dives deeply into the outlook for compliance markets in 2023 and focuses on the challenges facing compliance carbon pricing, such as European energy dislocations, climate policy changes in the United States and the effectiveness of a spluttering Chinese compliance market.
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A two-day exploration into every facet of the VCM supply chain, the challenges, and opportunities: This 175-page strategy report dives into VCM, the bridge to a world where technologies can decarbonize global supply chains; a marketplace that could be worth $50bn by 2030
Carbon Markets
A few people have been talking about whether EUA prices are coming close to triggering an intervention to calm prices, so I though I’d quickly go through what I understand to be the rule and the different possible interpretations. Please drop me a line if you have a different take on this.
Carbon Markets
Forcing natural gas producers to capture and store CO2 emissions
Carbon Markets
Carbon’s steady progress to the top of the energy agenda, thanks to its 140% rally since November 2 last year, has been brought to a halt this summer. Natural gas has barged its way to the forefront of the market’s mind and traders are now spending their time watching capacity nominations at key import locations instead of working out clean spark spreads.
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For those of you who are not aware, we have launching a new video and podcast product exclusively focused on climate.
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