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It is impossible to discuss the outlook for 2023 without a full assessment of the Ukrainian war and whether supply concerns in the EU are not an issue of winter 2023, but that of winter 2024.
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In Germany and Italy, coal-fired power plants that were once decommissioned are now being considered for a second life. In South Africa, more coal-laden ships are embarking on what’s typically a quiet route around the Cape of Good Hope toward Europe. Coal burning in the U.S. is in the midst of its biggest revival in a decade, while China is reopening shuttered mines and planning new ones.
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The repurposing of Europe’s oil and gas pipelines for the transport of carbon dioxide for carbon capture storage (CCS) and hydrogen to fuel the energy transition, could cut the capital outlay to achieve the European Union’s (EU’s) ambitious climate change mitigation targets by more than 70 billion euros, a study showed.
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The bulk of the heavy lifting – almost half – in replacing Russian imports is to be achieved by importing 50 bcm more LNG compared to 2021. It is worth noting that, in the first two months of 2022, LNG imports into the EU were already around 10 bcm higher than in 2021
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Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, energy markets are in turmoil. Oil and gas prices are rising and exhibiting high volatility as the markets grapple with the impact of sanctions and the prospect of reduced flows from Russia.
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Despite the professional necessity to analyze the economic, geopolitical, and liquidity scenarios of how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could play out, I struggle to do so through clear eyes. To draw conclusions that are optimistic to global asset prices from current levels feels almost inappropriate. The Ukrainian people face an unfathomable hardship, and whatever the outcome, Russian citizens, the vast majority who are innocent in all this, will feel the consequences of an unstable banking system and sanctions for years to come. Russia’s leadership and the oligarchs who have underwritten Putin’s power and enormous personal wealth will be inconvenienced. Sergei Lavrov may not make it to Canne this summer, and Chelsea Football Club may have a new owner, but like all the tragedies the world has faced in the past thirty years, those with the lowest exposure to financial assets face the greatest risk
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Investors wishing to take a slice of the nascent green hydrogen industry should spend their money on electrolysis innovation, advised Rene Peters, involved in the world’s first offshore green hydrogen project, in an exclusive interview with Climate Transformed.
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Carbon’s steady progress to the top of the energy agenda, thanks to its 140% rally since November 2 last year, has been brought to a halt this summer. Natural gas has barged its way to the forefront of the market’s mind and traders are now spending their time watching capacity nominations at key import locations instead of working out clean spark spreads.
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Dubbed “the forgotten giant of low-carbon electricity” by theInternational Energy Agency (IEA), hydropower is a mighty, clean energy resource indispensable in the transition to a cleaner energy system.

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