Eveline van Wezel

Global Sustainability Specialist


As Global Sustainability Specialist, Eveline is part of a team of executive advisors who help Microsoft’s most strategic customers transform their business into a sustainable business. She identifies opportunities by capturing new business model opportunities on the long term as well as helping them understand how and where to start their sustainability journey based on their current emissions and ambition. Eveline has worked in a wide range of industries and on a variety of sustainability focus areas but with is a recognized thoughtleader in the voluntary carbon markets (VCM) and carbon sequestration space. She has worked with various customers on meandering the intricacies of corporate participation within the VCM.

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September 14, 2022

Microsoft: A Case Study in Net Zero

We sit down with Eveline van Wezel, Global Sustainability Specialist at Microsoft, to discuss the company’s journey to a sustainability leader and model for companies beginning their path towards sustainability. The firm has lofty goals, and we’ll discuss how they are doing and the strict internal benchmarks they hold themselves to. Development projects, carbon neutral services and customer collaboration are part of their framework, and there are lessons to be learned for companies, large and small.

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